Welcome to the Camping Trail

Welcome to the Camping Trail. We are building a great resource for people who like to camp, hike, backpack or just in general get out and enjoy the great outdoors. No matter what country you live in you can find some wonderful experiences just by visiting the great outdoors. We ourselves prefer the minimalist approach that allows us to really get off the beaten track but by no means do we believe this is for everyone. Camping is a life experience which should be experienced at least once and we hope to provide you with the information, tips and resources to make sure your camping experience is an enjoyable one. Whether you are camping in the wild, beach camping or you would like to camp on a site which has lots of facilities we can provide you will camping gear reviews, camping tips, a camping checklist and information on the best camping destinations along with some great ideas for camping food

As you will see it is just as much fun to park your Motor home in a secluded peaceful place as it is to hoist that ultralight weight backpack on and wander up the nearest mountain, we don’t discriminate , what we do do is provide a resource and source of information for anyone who wants to bring the outdoors into their lives.


Kelly & Patrick The Camping Trail

Please join the group here and we welcome your contribution to the life that we all like to enjoy, wouldn’t it be nice to encourage someone else to join us on our adventures into the world of camping ….

“Take only pictures; leave only footprints.” – Anonymous




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