The Ergon CF3 Pro Carbon, An Comfortable And Less Costly New Bike Seat

The Ergon CF3 Pro Carbon

mountain bikingOk I know you are thinking that this is going to be a pretty boring read, I mean who really wants to know about a bike saddle? Well anyone who likes riding mountain bikes any sort of distance will find this just their style, the Ergon CF3 Pro Carbon has been designed from the ground up to be a comfortable endurance style seat but happily without the large cost normally associated with such a useful piece of equipment.

Have a look at what Outside has to say about it….

In recent years, bicycle manufacturers have sunk lots of money into the endurance road category. These are bikes that, while still fast and light, are more compliant and comfortable than the average race machine.

Geometry tweaks such as longer wheelbases for stability and taller head tubes for a less aggressive position are common. But there’s also often a mechanical means of dampening road vibration, including the elastomers of the Specialized Roubaix, a means of allowing the seat post to move more freely from the main frame like on the Trek Domane and the Volagi Viaje, and even special vibration-absorbing materials laid directly into the carbon as with the Wilier TK or the Bianchi Infinito CV.

Seems like a nice comfortable seat with many of the features of much more expensive brands built in… Read on

Ergon now has its own after-market solution, the CF3 Pro Carbon seat post, which affords similar comfort and compliance as an endurance frame. The design is ingeniously simple: a pair of carbon fiber “blades” that work like springs to allow the seat to flex in a rearward arc. The springs effectively absorb the force of any bumps in the road so that your back doesn’t have to. Two sets of pivots at the head ensure that the saddle stays in its set horizontal position through the range of motion.

ergon cf3Bad seat post design is one of my biggest peeves as so many of the clamping mechanisms are convoluted and difficult to adjust. Not so the CF3, which allows for quick saddle installation and simple fine-tuning courtesy of two easy-to-reach allen bolts. Likewise, the post itself is elegant and doesn’t distract from the rest of the bike like some other cumbersome designs (Specialized!). And at 220 grams, the CF3 is feathery light—it’s just a few grams heavier than the standard EC90 Offset that it replaced. One limitation: the head only accepts round rails, so if you ride ovals it won’t work.

Ok so is this the bee’s knees of biycle seats, well maybe not but the reviewer seems to feel that the CF3 does a great job of matching its expensive competitors but at a much lower price, I guess if you do some riding and aren’t happy with the seat you have them this might be just the seat you need to try.

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Happy Riding

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There Are 12 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Michelle says:

    Darn! I just bought a bike seat for my mountain bicycle from amazon. I have not yet received it and I spent only about thirty five dollars. I wish I would have found this article before I placed the order, but hey, I can always return the seat and go with this one. For me, cushion is the most important factor, not because I ride for long periods, but because I carry a heavy backpack and I need that soft comfort.

    • Patrick Fitz-Gibbon Patrick Fitz-Gibbon says:

      This seat is more expensive than that but like anything you get what you pay for in terms of both quality comfort and usually how long something lasts before you need to replace it, it is well worth trying out and you can get it from amazon also.

  2. Karin says:

    I want the comfort of shock absorption for my mountain bike, but I’m unclear about some things. At first I thought it was the seat that provided the comfort. Now I see it’s the seat post and its carbon fiber springs. My concerns are related to whether it is a seamless installation into any bicycle. I have a boys’ size mountain bike frame. I bought it used and got a great deal, otherwise I would have bought a mens size.

  3. Florene says:

    I searched for the carbon fiber spring seat pole and it is selling on amazon for two hundred bucks. That is ok, but I wonder if that is the price for just the pole. And if the seat is included, the seat is so thin that it must mean that the carbon fiber pole is pretty flexible, enough to absorb the shock. Otherwise, how can such a thin seat be comfortable?

  4. John says:

    My son and his wife just got some bikes and they are already looking for a more comfortable bike seat. I for one am the type that needs one of those big seat on the old fashioned bikes in order to be comfortable at all. Thank you for posting this information I will pass it on to them right away. Do you make the bigger seats like I need?

    • Kelly Campbell Kelly Campbell says:

      John, you can still get these from bicycle retailers. The slim seats do take some time to get used to, but it happens eventually. It took me a good week of riding everyday but now I love my seat :)

  5. Florene says:

    I don’t care what you do to a bike seat if it is this small and thin how could it be comfortable? I have ridden many bikes in my life and I have to say any time there is a bike seat like this there was always pain to come when I would ride it. Keep trying though because this is a very helpful blog post and I am sure bicyclists everywhere will read this.

  6. Jesus says:

    This is a great post I didn’t think it was possible to get a bike seat slim and narrow and have it still be comfortable but I was wrong. This is a great design and I have some friends in a biking club that I am sure will want one. Are they for sale now or is this a prototype report? Thank you for sharing this with us this is great.

  7. Jose says:

    I have a cycling event planned for this summer maybe I should look into something like this, I have the old standard seat and I can tell you this much it is a pain in the rear still after all these years. This is a great way to get the word out that you have done something like this and I look forward to trying this seat out.

  8. Curtis says:

    I have never liked bike seats because they are so uncomfortable and they really make your butt hurt after a little while the bad thing is you don’t really know it until you get off the bike. How is this supposed to be better? It looks like you made it thinner and more uncomfortable not better. I would really have to get one of these before I could tell.

  9. Mary says:

    This looks like a great bike seat I have spent many times riding my bike while standing up because the seat was so bad now that they have come put with things like this and they are so easy to change out this makes bike riding not just a thing of the past for me. Keep up the good work this is great advertisement.

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