Danner Mountain Light ll

Danner Mountain Light llIf you are a regular hiker or outdoor adventurer, then you need footwear like the Danner Mountain Light II boots which can meet the demands of the great outdoors. Many hiking boots are uncomfortable and let water in so that your feet end up blistered and sopping wet. There’s no risk of this happening when buying a pair of these hiking boots because of the unusually high quality of craftsmanship that goes into every single pair.

Unique Features of Danner Mountain Light ll

  • Stitchdown Construction
  • Airthotic Footbed
  • Cambrelle Nylon Lining
  • 4.3 mm Rubber; 5.5 mm Polyurethane Midsole
  • Vibram 148 Kletterlift Outsole
  • Fiberglass Shank
  • 2.0-2.2 mm Full-Grain Leather Upper
  • GORE-TEX Lined
  • Weight 58 oz.

“This is my second pair of Danners. The first pair lasted decades. I’m thinking these will too. And it’s really nice to know that Danner has a recrafting service available” Trailspace



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These boots were quite literally made for walking and attention has been given to any potential problems that can occur with hiking boots such as water leakage or foot support. The manufacturers have used a Norwegian welt which is a solid stitchdown construction that make them durable and fool proof, even in extreme walking conditions. The Gore-Tex lining ensures breathability and protection from the elements to leave your feet feeling dry and comfortable. The boots are actually made by using one single piece of leather and this is what makes them so robust.

The outsoles are made from Vibram Kletterlift which makes the Danner Mountain Light ll unique as the soles flex under the balls of your feet making the outsoles gradually conform to the contours of your feet. .

Versatility of Danner Boots

Because they are so reliable and comfortable you can really enjoy putting these boots through their paces. The handcrafted stitchdown provides you with a slightly wider platform which will give you added stability under foot. This allows you to go gill scrambling, mountaineering and hiking through rough terrain where’s there’s likely to be gnarly, jagged rocks and stones. The added bonus of the 100% waterproof protection enables you to stay outdoors even in the most challenging of conditions because you’ll have peace of mind that your feet will always remain dry and comfortable.

What Danner Offers

Even after years of wear, no matter how much distance you have covered, Danner provide a comprehensive restoration service. Services such as stretching, restitching and relining are available and prices start from as little as $15. You can even have the leather polished and reconditioned or take advantage of one of the many packages which provide new foot beds. However you can expect to get many years out of a pair of Danner mens Mountain Light ll mid weight boots before you will need to consider any repairs.

Danner Mountain Light ll Review

Over 98% of reviews written online about these boots were absolutely brilliant. Wearers loved that fact that these boots had been designed to provide heavy duty protection. One reviewer described these hiking boots as ‘like stepping into a tank lined with velvet’, which clearly shows how durable yet comfortable they are. Many of the reviews mentioned that they owned the boots for up to 15 years before they needed to have them repaired or reconstructed.

“I have owned mine for about 2 years and have probably hiked a thousand miles. They take a little time to break-in and are a tad heavier than most boots I’ve worn, but if I am expecting rough terrain there is nothing I would rather have” Amazon.com

However, there were a few downsides mentioned during the reviews. Apparently the laces aren’t great and become undone frequently, even when double knotted so you may have to buy some better laces to insert unless you want to keep tripping over your feet! A few people didn’t like the fact that the boots weighed over 3 lbs, although serious long distance walkers preferred this heavier weight. So if you’re the type of person who likes to walk really fast when on expeditions then these boots may slow you down.

The Danner Mountain Light ll review clearly illustrates how popular this brand is due to its attention to detail and high quality manufacturing. It’s because of features such as comfort and unbeatable water resistance levels that allowed Danner to win National Geographic Gear of The Year in 2011. These types of awards are not given without a lot of research which includes testimonials from customers so winning this award was quite a scoop. The Danner Mountain Light II hiking boots could potentially last you a lifetime which makes them a solid investment.

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